If you doubt one person can make a difference…you haven’t met our NGO team in Bome, Cameroon.

Our local volunteers have taken Cameroonian Public Health door-to-door and neighbor-to-neighbor, braving both miles and mountain slopes between each stop.

This is no easy task, given political red tape, torrential rain (and a shortage of umbrellas), flimsy infrastructure, unforgiving poverty, lack of education, and other obstacles.

We’ve found success against stark odds in our NGO’s mission to bridge healthcare disparities for generations. It may be because we encourage people to take ownership of community health—no matter their level of education or income.

The result is healthier individuals, families, and children, for a stronger Cameroon, starting right now.

The Genesis Foundation story is one of stubborn optimism.

We see infant/maternal mortality and preventable diseases looming over so much of rural Africa. But we also see something else: potential.


Yes, there are challenges. The World Health Organization has described a crisis of human resources  for health in Cameroon. There are simply not enough healthcare workers.

Here, life expectancy has actually decreased in recent decades, while it rises in other parts of Africa. Meanwhile, rampant inequality plagues the existing healthcare system.

At Genesis Foundation, we believe things must change.

We specialize in working on public health challenges in Cameroon–big and small.

We reach the most unprotected people, in the hardest-to-get-to corners of our territory. We picked Bome valley after our research revealed pronounced need. Our target audience includes women, young girls, children with HIV/AIDS, the elderly or disabled, and other vulnerable people.

Preventable diseases haunt those who can least afford it, who already have every imaginable factor working against them. The good news is that with our help, these people can become their own best defense against sickness.

In other words, you can rest assured we’re not in the business of playing the savior. And we realize handouts alone do not make lasting change.

It’s not about us, it’s about teaching the people of rural Cameroon, Africa to take control of preventing disease.

Empowerment is at the heart of what we do.

Genesis foundation Volunteers of Bome marching to sensitize the need of bridging healthcare disparities.

We offer much-needed support for self-sustaining change. To this end, we do provide supplies like soap and bed nets. We work to address real needs related to disease prevention. What good is a personal hygiene campaign without soap? But we don’t stop at delivering these life-saving materials.

First, we recruit and train community volunteers, offering annual seminars and other development. Our local team knows the people and culture, recognizing first-hand the most pressing needs of each location. With us, you don’t have to worry about solutions imposed from the outside. That’s not how we operate.

Everyone in the community has a role in improving public health issues in Africa.

As you can see, knowledge of water sanitation is incredibly important–cattle mingling in the water supply is a public health risk.

We know public health initiatives can start at home, and the best chances for rural communities come from the inside out. At Genesis Foundation Kob Hills, we give them a recipe to rewrite their future. We work with them to create a framework of improved hygiene and sanitation. We also hire state registered nurses, to intensify the education and monitor health screenings.

It takes time, effort, and resources to make everyone come together for healthier living. But we know it works. At Genesis Foundation, we absolutely believe in the power of “just” one person. We’ve seen what each of our people can do—and inspire others to do.

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