Calling all optimists, change-makers, and everyday heroes!

We’ve grown from one person’s vision into a staff of 50 volunteers in an area of 5,000 people. We’re an official NGO*, authorized to work by the Cameroon government. In order to continue our work, we need help from people like you, now more than ever. Mounting logistical challenges and the passage of time threaten our momentum.

Please consider supporting us if:

You believe, like we do, in empowering local communities.
Like us, you prefer teaching skills over fostering dependence.
You welcome the chance to protect people from preventable diseases.
You know that one person has the power to change the life of another person, through education and support.

*Please note that we are not a 501(c)(3). We’re working on the process to become one.

What We Need

Our work engages in a multi-pronged approach, including capacity building, awareness, education, sustainability, advocacy, and focusing on the underprivileged. We enable communities to take charge of their health, so the benefits can spread throughout the village and last through future generations.

We can’t do it alone.

Financial Support

We need money to buy supplies on the ground in Cameroon. We started out accepting in-kind donations, but traveling with supplies creates a logistical burden for our team. As we grow, we need to remain as efficient as possible with our budget, to ensure we make the biggest difference in the lives of the Cameroonians. They’re counting on us.

Your monetary donation could cover:

  • Our medical staff treating people
  • Nurses educating and assisting with treatment of common diseases
  • Supplies for health fairs
  • Space for operations
  • Feminine hygiene products to keep girls in school
  • Umbrellas and rain boots for volunteers
  • Stipends for volunteers
  • Maintenance of equipment, like blood pressure monitors
  • Mosquito nets to prevent malaria
  • First aid boxes in a classroom
  • Hospital supplies

Local Support

People of Cameroon, we need you more than anyone. Join our volunteers in the fight against preventable disease. You have the power to save lives and help us educate a generation.

If you have family or friends in Cameroon, please spread the word about our work. Ask them to contact us. We need as many local connections as possible.


If you have friends stateside (or anywhere) who care about international development and global health, please share this website with them. Ask them to join in responding to the call to address global inequality, across the entire globe, not just in the world’s cities.


If you have time and a willingness to roll up your sleeves, you’ll fit right in with us. Are you willing to help us raise funds? Maybe travel to Cameroon someday?

For the past four years we have conducted annual trips during Winter or Spring break from the U.S. to Cameroon with volunteer staff.

If this sounds like something you can get excited about, we want to hear from you!

Medical Professionals

You know better than anyone what we’re up against. We desperately need doctors, nurses, students, and teachers to help us. Please contact us right away to learn more about opportunities to support our work.

Talk to us today to learn how you can help us bridge healthcare disparities for generations.




Believe in our work? Please spread the word :)